Balmain is one of the most recognized fashion brands in the United States. Its artistic directors were planning to display their products at Paris Fashion Week. However, according to Olivier Rousteing, a creative director of Balmain, “Our delivery was hijacked.”

According to media reports, Olivier Rousteing, an artistic director of Balmain, confirmed that they had lost 50 items. All these items were planned to be displayed as a new collection in the coming Paris Fashion Week Show. They planned to present themselves at one of the world’s most promising and recognized fashion shows later this month.

Balmain’s artistic director, Rousteing, showed disappointment due to this robbery. He said in the statement, “So many people worked so hard to make this collection; this is so disrespectful.”

According to Rousteing on Instagram, a group reached the items when the delivery driver was on his way to deliver the products. He was on his way to Balmain’s Paris headquarters from an airport. Rousteing also confirmed these were the latest pieces, and they were ready to showcase them on the September 27 womenswear show. Moreover, Rousteing also confirmed that about 50 pieces were robbed.

He wrote, “Our delivery was hijacked. Thank God, the driver is safe.”

He further added, “We won’t give up.”

In this post on Instagram, Rousteing did not mention the airport where the products were delivered to the headquarters. We got confirmation that two airports in Paris deal with international flights. This event happened on Sunday. According to Rousteing, they were waiting for the delivery in the office on Saturday morning. However, he got a call from his driver, who told him about hijacking 50 items.

Balmain is ready to deal with the issue confidently and try not to give up. We can see the confidence in Balmain’s Instagram post.

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