After nearly a decade away from the music world, Pakistani artist Ali Haider has returned with his new single, “Dholan Yaar,” released during a glitzy event in the United States.

Several essential personalities from many fields attended the red-carpet launch.

Haider thanked his fans for their patience and said his latest song was a Punjabi-Urdu number with “infectious beats.”

During a media interview, he emphasized the value of music in uniting Pakistan and India, mentioning how some of his previous successful songs gained attention in both nations.

Now, the singer of “Poorani Jeans” has returned to the scene, bringing together the musical skills of both countries.

While speaking to the attendees at the premiere, Vaishali Thakkar, co-owner and CEO of FunAsia and a model in the music video, recounted her remarkable story.

She reflected on Paulo Coelho’s words: “And, when you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

She cited her two girls as her greatest inspirations and expressed gratitude to her husband, Sam Thakkar, for his constant support.

Sam expressed his admiration for his wife’s trip, saying the cosmos had conspired to make Vaishali’s aspirations come true.

“Dholan Yaar” is a captivating blend of funky sounds and beautiful lyrics that promises an enthralling sensory experience.

On September 29th, 2023, spectators will be completely enthralled as “Dholan Yaar” takes them on an extraordinary voyage of love and desire. Ali Haider’s soulful melodies, Vaishali Thakkar’s enchanting presence, Kamijee’s masterful directorial finesse, and FunAsia Films and Production’s creative brilliance, in collaboration with Awesong as part of FunAsia Digital, all come together to create an all-encompassing and captivating audiovisual experience. This movie is a monument to the enchantment of artistic collaboration, delivering a celebration of love and music that will resonate profoundly inside people’s hearts worldwide.


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