China’s push for ‘status quo’ in Occupied Kashmir

As all know, there is a lot of tension between China and India, at the Ladakh border. Ladakh is the region where both countries want to take control and they fought a war for this purpose but this not yet solved. A few days back, China again attacks the Indian side. According to Pentagon said, “China has established many camps inside Indian camp.

But now China and India want to resolve this issue through military contacts and messages have been circulated between two countries.

The observers and researchers are sure that China-linked the de-escalation in tension with the commitment to restoring the status of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Modi government had revoked Article 370 in August last year. And The Status of Jammu and Kashmir changed from special status.

Although there is no official statement about this but recent articles published by Chinse scholar. He is working in Chinese Think Tank.

At the revoke decision, the Chinese government was a very angry reaction to India. It also took this issue to the United Security Council.

Scholars Thought

Dr.Wang Shida said in his article that India revokes Article 370 since Last August, and wants to Change the Status quo of Kashmir. He said more this increases the tension in the Asian region.

He said that India opened the new territory on the map, it wants to incorporate Xinjiang and Tibet into Ladakh union territory. It places Azad Kashmir within it and called the whole as Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir.
He wrote, “This forced China into the Kashmir dispute, stimulated China and Pakistan to take counter-actions on the Kashmir issue, and dramatically increased the difficulty in resolving the border issue between China and India.”

When the article shared by the Chinese embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Indian media, politicians all comments these moves are extraordinary development.

While Pravin Sawhney, Retired Indian army tweeted that, “China wants both ways: PLA has changed LAC alignment, made DSDBO road to SSN adjacent to Siachen unusable for army reinforcements. It wants Indian commitment from the highest level to restore the J&K state. Indian military cannot do much and the US will not. Modi’s government’s biggest challenge!. He is also an expert on China.


On June 6, both countries Army Commander meet at 3.5 kilometers inside the territory, and both sides ready to standoff.
But whats the terms and conditions, not mention by any party.

The issues start when India do road infrastructure in the Himalaya area, those are considered to be part of China.
According to sources, “there are 18 sessions between major general level before this commander meeting.”

But now Chinese took control of 40-60 Kilometer inside the Laddakh territory as it is admitted by Indian retired general.

While Phunchok Stobdan, founding president of Laddakh International said,

“China is pushing the envelope higher. These are just posturing before the talks. This is a clear bargaining chip.”

He added more than India should stop talking about CPEC, and be more aggressive towards Chineses Illegal actions.

Still, there is no Official Statment yet. What’s the real terms and conditions, will soon update to you when we receive something From Officials.

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