“How You Like That” song released on June 26, 2020, after it released a record-breaking countdown started and it is expected that this video is also crossed the figure of 10 million easily. It is just a 3:04 minute music video, and one million viewers view this video in one hour.

Many artists feel it difficult to reach the target of 10 million views on youtube but it seems no difficult for this k-pop girls group.

This is the first video released by the group after the release of EP KILL THIS LOVE.

Source: BlackPink Updates

In the South Korea industry its concept to release video more than one time in a year so people should engage with them.
BLACKPINK is one of those who maintained their status in the industry. Although their video is not too long they prefer quality not the quantity of video.

Depend on this concept, the k-pop first music video “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” surpass the target of 1 billion on the last November.

This group focus on fashion and beauty in their videos. They are also the most famous because of their fashion.

K-pop singers said they want to spread positive energy and hope during this pandemic.

BLACKPINK Press Conference

K-pop said in a press conference held at Lotte Concert Hall and live-streamed on Youtube.

BLACKPINK ‘s singer Jisso said in this press conference that through this song we want to spread the positive and hopeful message to the whole world during this pandemic.

She added, “we tried to sing with confidence and strength to stand up during this difficult situation.”

Jisso continued that we tried to continue our distinct color with a powerful hip-hop element.

While Roose, BLACKPINK group Singer, said that we felt a responsibility in spreading a positive message to the world through this.

K-POP group also worked with Lady Gaga in “Sour Candy” and make huge records.

BLACKPINK Singer Jennie said that they had talked about this unique idea in the beginning to Lady Gaga. She was the one who showed support and love to our idea.

Jisso said in last that by musical exchange we can present new expects. It’s a good opportunity to stimulate one another and create inspiration.

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