Hadiqa Kiyani Pays Tribute to Dirilis Ertugrul

Dirilis shows gain success across the world. Now it also becomes popular in Pakistan.
Dirlis aired on PTV after the order given by Prime Miniter of Pakistan. This strengthens the Love and brotherhood between both countries.
Many stars of Pakistan liked the discussion of Government. But some thinking that historic dramas must be made in our industry.
But The Prime Minister’s basic purpose behind this is to give awareness to the people of Pakistan about the heroes of Islam and the history of Islam.

Story Of Dirilis:Ertugrul

Dirlis Ertugrul is the Story of Muslim Hero of Ertugrul Ghazi. He was the father of Usman.
Usman was the founder of Khalifate Usmania. He was the great hero of Islamic History.
In Dirlis shown that who our heroes sacrifice their life for the Spreading the message of Allah. This story set many records. This was prepared on the order of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Hadiqa Kiyani is one of those stars who love this story. She also loves the cultural exchange between both countries. The Turkish Star also wished to visit Pakistan as soon as possible.

Kayani said a few days before that she had a special work in her pipeline.
The famous singer wrote in his tweet, “Something very very special coming soon.”

Hadiqa Kiyani pays Tribute to Dirilis:Ertugrul
Source: Bahtreen.pk

Performance At Opera House: Sen Aglama

Today, She pays tribute and shows her love for Dirlis. She sang Turkish language songs that Kiyani already sang at OPERA House. She has a beautiful melodious voice. Hadiqa sang pop, Sufi, rock and many other types of songs very successfully. Now she sang a Turkish Language song. She Tweeted, “In 2005, I had the honor of singing the Turkish song Sen Ağlama at the AKM Opera House,”
Kiyani wrote in her tweet. “Today, I have remastered that song as a tribute to series Diriliş: Ertuğrul, Sezen Aksu, and to the people of Turkey.”

Kiyani’s one of the best memory is that when she sang Turkish song at OPERA House. She said to the audience that in the 80s she came to Turkey and represent Pakistan as a child star. Sha sang Sen Ağlama (Turkish song of Living Legend Sezen Aksu) at that beautiful moment.

Kiyani team Said in its statement that after the Dirilis the relationship between Pakistan and Turkey become more strong.
It added, “That it’s the best time to pay a public tribute to the people of Turkey by Officially releasing Hadiqa’s original performance of Sen Aglama.”

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