5 Interesting events on 21 June

21 June is the longest day of the Year. Because on this day the Earth Poles have a maximum tilt toward the Sun. The Western Zodiac of the person born on this day is Cancer.
On this day, Many Famous Personality born in which one of these are Prince William and Benazir Bhutto. 21 June 2020 is different from the other 21 June due to the Solr Eclipse.
You must know about 5 Things on 21 June 2020.

1.Annular Solar Eclipse:

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One of the most important things you must remember is the Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse Occur when the moon passes between Earth and the Sun. Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon’s diameter is smaller than the sun and Sun looks like a ring.
Pakistan will also observe Solar eclipse on 21 June 2020. Most of Asia And partial Europe will also observe this.

Many doctors advised People that not directly saw this eclipse. It may cause some diseases like eye disease etc.

2. Father’s day:

father day

Many countries celebrated Father day on June 19. But Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Uganda celebrate Fathers Day on 21 June.
Father is Important in everybody’s lives. They worked the whole year for us. They made our lives secure. To Honor their lives and effection, Father’s day is celebrated across the World.

Happy Fathers Day To All!.

3.Benazir Bhutto Birthday:

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21 June will be celebrated as Benazir Birthday across Pakistan. She was the First lady Prime Minister of Pakistan. Her Father was the Founder of Pakistan and later she continued her Father’s Mission.
She worked hard for the development of Pakistan. Benazir worked for Women’s issues and raise voice on every platform. She died on December 27, 2007, at the age of 54. The enemies Attacked on her election campaign rally at Rawalpindi.

Her Famous Slogan was,

“Kal Bhi Bhutto Zinda tha, Aaj Bhi Bhutto Zinda Hai.”

4. International Yoga Day:

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International Day of Yoga is celebrating for giving awareness about mental health, physical health. It is declared by the United Nations of General Assembly in 2014.
The idea of this day proposed by Indian Prime Minister, Narender Modi. United Nations promotes this because of Global health, harmony, and peace. While during this period of Coronavirus, For making yourself busy and active everyone should practicing yoga.

5.Humanity Day:

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World Humanist Day is a Humanist holiday celebrated across the world on this Day.
It celebrated to spread awareness of Humanism.
Many Humanist organizations organized activities and seminars to give awareness about this.

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