“Violent-Faceoff between China and India”: Ladakh

Twenty soldiers of India were killed in “violent face-off” with China at Ladakh. It happens near the Galwan Valley confirmed by the Indian Army. It happens during that time when the de-escalation meeting continues.

During this Faceoff Indian army confirmed that the 20 Soldiers killed in a clash with China.

In a statement, they said that including 2 soldiers and 1 officer, the other 17 also died in this clash.

It also claimed that both sides officers continue meeting to de-escalate this situation.

The Indian army and china army fought for many years at the Ladakh border. But this time this is serious than before.

Indian Army had started construction road and highway inside the area of China BOrder, from that day the fight become more serious. At this action, China attacked to the Indian side to stop this construction. According to Indian Retired Army officers, China took control of 40-60 km inside the Indian border.

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Now this time according to China Chief minister the Indian forces break their promise and again crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC). At this response, first we warren the Indian side but they again tried to do the same. After this, china attacked the India side.

The Indian side confirmed in this attack their 20 soldiers were killed.

Zhang, PLA spokesman said, “Stop all provocative actions, meet the Chinese side halfway and come back to the right path of solving disputes through talks. ”

According to Reports, The China and Indian side senior officers meet at the border to resolve this issue.

Tomorrow at night, Indian Media Claimed that 43 Chinese soldiers were killed in night face-off. But it is neither confirmed by Indian Official nor by Chinese officials.”



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