Most Handsome Men Of Pakistan:

Pakistan has real beauty, whether its about nature or humans. Pakistanis people are stylish, attractive, and handsome. They grab the attention od the people globally. Pakistanis actors, actresses, models all have an attraction that becomes the point of attraction for others.

Here is Pakistan’s most handsome man that grab more attention of the people:

Fawad Khan

source: Express tribune

Fawad khan is the film and TV actor who born in Lahore on 29 November 1981. He has received several awards in his career from Filmfare Awards, Lux Style Awards, and Hum Awards. Fawad has done movies in Bollywood and won the heart of the audience in India as well. He started his career from Drama Dastan in 2010. Fawad is an attractive and handsome guy. He has been listed in British Magazine as a Sexist Asian Males.

Imran Khan

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Imran Khan is the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan who born on 5 October 1952. He was a cricketer before entering into politics. Pakistan cricket team won the world cup of 1992 under the captaincy of Imran Khan. He is one of the handsome politicians of Pakistan.

Bilal Ashraf

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Bilal Ashraf is one of the handsome guys of Pakistan who is a Pakistan film actor as well as Visual Effects Editor who born in Karachi on 12 October 1979. He has studied Visual Effect and started his career as a director. He started his career in 2014 and appeared as the main lead in Janaan and the recent movie of Bilal Ashraf is Superstar with actress Mahira Khan.

Imran Abbas Naqvi

Source: MangoBazz

Imran Abbas Naqvi is a handsome and more likely person of Pakistan who born in Islamabad on 15 October 1982. He is a Pakistani actor, singer, and model. He has done a movie in Bollywood also. Imran started his career in industry since 2003 and continues his career successfully. He has appeared in dramas, movies as well as in telefilms. Imran Abbas also writes Urdu Poetry.

Ahsan Khan

Source: Glaxy Lollywood

Ahsan Khan is a Pakistani film actor, TV actor, host performer, and producer who born in Lahore on 9 October 1981. He started his career in 1998 from Nikah film at the age of 17 years. He has appeared in dramas, movies as well as reality shows. His career is continuing in the industry. He has nominated in Awards show and received awards as well.

Mikaal Zulfiqar


Mikaal Zulfiqar is a Pakistani actor and model who born in London on 1 September 1981. Later he moved to Pakistan and began his career as a model in 2000. Later, he appeared in music videos, films. He entered in Pakistan TV industry in 2009 from his first drama. Later he did many dramas and movies in Pakistan. He has listed in the top 10 handsome men of Pakistan also he is a highly paid actor. He has nominated in Hum Awards and received an award for the best actor.

Emmad Irfani

Source: The Express tribune

Emmad Irfani is a Pakistani actor and model who born in Peshawar on 29 April 1980. He started his career in 2001 and started modeling. First, he worked with HSY then Khaadi, and many other brands. Later he appeared in dramas and telefilms as well. He has received the best male actor awards in Lux Style Awards. His last appearance in Cheekh drama in 2019 as a Shyann.

Syed Zulfi Bukhari

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Source: Axel Bremstroff

Zulfi Bukhari is one of the handsome guys of Pakistan, who is a British Pakistani Businessman and politician born on 3 December 1980. He is a close friend of Imran Khan. His political party is PTI and currently doing work as Special Assistant to PM for Overseas Pakistanis and HR Development. He is a business tycoon and has many properties in the UK as well as in Pakistan.

Danish Taimoor

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Source: Pintrest

Danish Taimoor is a famous actor and model of Pakistan who born in Karachi on 16 February 1983. He started his career in 2005 and appeared in Mystery Series. Danish has appeared in dramas and telefilms. He married Ayeza Khan in 2014 after 7-8 years of relationship with her. Taimoor is currently appearing in Deewangi and Meharposh Dramas.

Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui

Source: Fashion And Showbiz pakistan

Sheheryar Munawar is a Pakistani actor, film producer, and model who born in Karachi on 9 August 1988. He started his career in 2012 with the Hum TV drama series. Sheheryar also appeared in films in the last years. He nominated and received awards from the best male actor.

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