A laptop becomes the essential need for everyone who is a student or does business, a teacher, or a gamer, they need a laptop to fulfill their needs. The laptop must have all the specs according to the need of the user. Some use it for graphics, for gaming, for study, and other purposes. It is advised to choose a laptop according to its display, screen sizes, its memory, and some of its battery as well.

Here are a few laptops that are best to buy for daily use:

Apple MacBook Air


This MacBook is the biggest upgrade of Apple MacBook’s and launched in 2020. This comes with 10th generation Intel Core i3-i7. It’s one of the best laptops in the world. It has 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM with an internal storage of 256GB to 2TB. Its display is 16 inches that provide the best performance.

Dell XPS 13


It is the best laptop for daily use as it’s the 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor integrated with Intel graphics. You can use this notebook for both works or play It has a 16GB of RAM with 512Gb of internal storage. Its battery timing is very best as you can work or play games 12 hours continuously. It has an almost bezeless display and has a powerful performance.

MacBook Pro

SOurce:The Verge

This laptop is best for the production of Apple. It has a 16-inch display with 32GB RAM along with 512GB internal storage. It’s Intel Core i9 processor makes its performance more reliable and powerful. Its battery time is excellent as you can use it for almost 10 hours. It also has a small bezeless display and provides reliable use.

Acer Swift 3


It is the best budget laptop in the world as it provides strong specs in mid-range laptops. Acer comes in two variant 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM with an internal storage of 128GB to 1TB. It provides the best performance at a low price. Acer Swift has a 14-inch screen display. It’s the best choice for office use as it provides reliable performance.

Huawei MateBook 13

Source: Huawei

Huawei launched its amazing production of notebook 13 which comes with the 8th generation of core i5-i7. It has 8GB of RAM with 256GB to 512GB of internal storage. The display of this notebook is 13 inches. It provides the best performance and best value laptop for users. It comes with updates of Windows 10 which means a user can use it easily.

HP Envy 13t

Source: laptoping

This is the best version of Hp that provides the best performance laptop, especially for the students or travelers. This laptop has Intel Core i7 with 4GB of RAM. It has 13 inches of display and battery time it provides is more than 10 hours. This is the best value money laptop as it is most useful for the students as well as for traveler. It provides the best graphics performance.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15

Source: samsaung Global Newsroom

Samsung Launched its beautiful design with 10 generation Intel Core i7 processor. Its two-in-one versatile laptop that rotates 360 and comes with S-pen. Its best laptop for production works. It has 12GB of RAM with 512GB of internal storage. Its display is 15 inches that provide the best performance. Its battery life is more than 15 hours that make it more incredible for use. It also has a fingerprint sensor.

Asus VivoBook S15

Source:Notebook Check

This is the best budget laptop that comes with 15 inches display. This laptop has Intel Core i5-i7 with 8GB of RAM with 512GB of internal storage. This provides the best performance and has a value money laptop you can buy. It has a Screen Pad, but its battery is average not too good.

LG Gram 17


LG Gram is the latest version of 2020 that comes with 17 inches of display. It’s lightweight and portable. It’s the Quad Core of 10 generation Core i7 with 16GB of RAM and internal storage of 512GB. It has the best battery that provides incredible performance.

HP Stream 14

Source: notebook check

This is the best budget laptop you can buy. This has a display of 14 inches. It has 4GB of RAM and its best for lightweight work. Its battery is long-lasting as you can use it many hours. Its reliable and highly portable laptop used for light tasking.

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