Know More About Diamonds of Today


The diamond is often associated with grandeur and beauty. True enough; the diamond possesses unmatchable beauty that never fades away even through years. Because of its brilliance and clarity like no other stone, it leaves everyone dazzled and amazed by its allure. Due to its unfading charm, the diamonds are very expensive. Also, it takes millions of years for diamonds to be formed in the depths of the earth. Nowadays, the high socialites of the society are often the ones who purchase designer diamond rings which symbolizes their social status.

Even so, the technology of today is very much different than the technology of before. Modern life's technological progress has been very rapid that almost every week there are new discoveries and inventions. Now, even the most precious diamond can be made by man. Indeed man made diamonds are now possible with the modern technology. These gems are replicas of natural diamonds that have the same grandeur of the natural ones.

Now, you may agree to the statement that lab-created diamonds are fakes. Well then, it is not true. It has been just a bad connotation as these diamonds are unnatural. In fact, they are even considered as real diamonds in the market!

Now you must be curious on how synthetic diamonds are made in labs. Synthetic diamonds are formed through materials called diamond simulants. These simulants are minerals that can be a close look-alike of the famous diamond. These materials are then processed through a series of laboratory processes in order to look like diamonds. Then they are cut to the desired shapes and sizes in order to be attached to the desired ornament.

The New Star Hybrid simulated diamond can be a very good sample of hybrid diamonds. This diamond is harder than moissanite or cubic zirconia yet possesses the same clarity and brilliance of a natural diamond. This is a diamond of new concept for the new era. It is highly fashionable, not to mention that it is made of a more complex material than cubic zirconia or moissanite.

Created diamonds are miles cheaper than natural diamonds since it is made from non-extravagant materials and it does not need millions of years for it to be developed! This detail makes it more affordable to the public.

"Elegance without extravagance", this is a perfect motto for man made diamonds. No longer would you need to empty up your wallets to look rich with natural diamonds. The uprising of the synthetic diamonds has changed the trend of diamond trade. Affordable diamonds are now of reach. You might have heard people saying that diamonds are made from silicon carbide or cubic zirconia but there are a few companies that have gone into defect to research and have found new alternatives to produce better diamonds.

Indeed technology has moved on to a better stage. The world's advancement becomes faster everyday, making it seem that nothing is impossible with modern technology. Now, even the most elegant gem can be man made, what is next?

Source by C Phillips