Iraq War – What Is The Price?


The war situations in Iraq are getting worse day by day. The Democracy's support for the war to continue means that it will stagger forward in anticipation of the mission getting collapsed.

Today Iraq is no longer called a unified country.

We have forced some 2 million Iraqis to take Shelter elsewhere as their home have turned to ashes. Equal number of people fled from the country. Countries like Jordan have a maximum number of refugees there.

A report says that every one out of three Iraqis needs emergency aid badly, but the war and aggression is so broad that medical aid is impossible. Iraq is in a state of anarchy. The American chaos has forced people to take bad against US troops as well. Everyday many soldiers get killed in Iraq. But, we have to wait until some politician finally calls our troops back.

It was not thought to be like this. Do you remember all visions of a democratic Iraq? Politicians had assured us that the combat would be a cakewalk.

We would be welcomed as liberators. Democracy would be enforced in the Iraq. Now, struggling to save their own trustworthiness, they charge the disaster because of poor planning and management.

Iraq was full of oil resources. The disaster had led this country to a situation where it can hardly supply its resources to any other country. The victory over Iraq has condemned only violence, poverty, terrorism, and lots of other things. Such a situation has forced Iraq to struggle with the poverty, poor economy, and terrorism for next a few couple of years.
Was this victory worth it?

Source by Eshwarya Patel